Someone sent the piece (below) to my box. I must confess, I got really confused by his conviction. Do you agree with his argument?


Desmond, I have been waiting for you to write on the raging debate among African top ex-players claiming they are the Greatest or best ever player to come out of the continent.

First was El-Hajj Diouf of Senegal, who was rightly put in his place by Cameroun’s four-time African Player of the Year, Samuel Eto’O Fils.

Then came Ivory Coast’s Didier Drogba who says he is the greatest. I laughed because Drogba is nowhere near Eto’O even as I agree that they were all good players. Initially, I thought the argument was about the greatest or best striker from Africa.

But in all, I sincerely think, Liberia’s President and former football star, George Weah is the greatest player ever from Africa and he is equally the best striker from the continent.

My reasons are very few and simple. First, Weah is the only player from Africa to have won the World Player of the Year (Ballon d’Or). This is very significant because if he had not, by now Africa won’t have had her name in the list of past winners of the prestigious award. We must not forget Desmond, that, Weah also won European Player of the Year alongside the World Player award. I doubt if any African player has won the European Player of the Year award after Weah did.

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It would be outrageous Desmond for anyone to look beyond Weah as Africa’s greatest of all time.. I hope you will agree with me. Despite all the heroics of the likes of Eto’o, Drogba and Diouf among others, Weah stands shoulder and head above them for that singular feat and honour he did or brought to Africa.

Secondly, Yes, Weah did not win the AFCON nor did he play at the World Cup but that could be tied to the quality of players that surrounded him in the Lone Star of Liberia. I make bold to say that, if the same group of players surrounded the likes of Eto’O, Drogba and Diouf in their national teams, they won’t have come anywhere near Weah nor achieved all they got with and in their national teams. And if Weah was in their national teams, he would have achieved more than he did.

From PSG to AC Milan the world witnessed all that Weah achieved. Yes, he did at club level just like others. But failed at national team level because of the quality of players around him.
On these accounts, I think Weah is the greatest player ever from Africa. Perhaps, we will consider others if another African can win Ballon d’Or. I doubt the possibility of this in the next 20 years. As you know Desmond, the standard of African leagues and quality of African players are dropping as we observed clearly at the last World Cup in Russia. This is my sincere opinion. I am one of your ardent readers. Please I want to be anonymous on this.
Many thanks like you will always say.

#Source: Desmond Ekwueme

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