The Power of a Good Woman

About a month ago, my friend Scholar Amos posted pictures and videos of a homeless couple on Facebook. He informed that the said couple had been homeless for about two decades. Chi drew my attention to it and lamented over the pitiable situation the couple will face especially during this pandemic. Before I could say Jack Robinson, she’d called Secretary General of Ibiono Ibom Welfare and Development Union IWADU, Prince Godwin Okon to reach out to the family . Chi ensured that Prince Okon took them to the hospital where the woman was diagnosed of severe ailment. Treatment had to commence immediately, while a house was being rented for them and of course food and clothing supplies made available- all courtesy Chi.

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Unknown to me, she had reached out to the Ini Ememobong foundation through the Chancellor, Ulap Bassey Esang and got approval to build a two bedroom apartment for the Asuquos. When it was brought to my attention, I doubted our financially capability to pull the project through either as a family or foundation, in addition to the giver’s dilemma which had crept in. Chi challenged me by asking, where is your faith? While I was battling to check where my faith was, I saw Chi laying the foundation for the house project- OMG!

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And as she had said, the Lord shall provide, the Lord himself provided the resources and to His glory, yesterday the house and borehole projects were completed and handed over to the beneficiaries, in support of the First Lady’s (Dr. Martha Emmanuel) shelter of hope project.

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At the brief hand over ceremonies, I saw the deep seated joy that flowed from Chi, it was so obvious that her mask couldn’t conceal it and I again reminded myself of the humongous power of a woman. If you doubt ask Adolf Hitler about Eva Braun, Bill Clinton about Hilary, Barack Obama about Michelle, Yakubu Gowon about Victoria, JFK about Jackie or better still, ask your dad about your mum.

Chi had the unimaginable support of the entire leadership of the Foundation and executive volunteers like Prince Godwin Okon, Borono Bassey, Mrs. Uyai Edidiong Francis, Arc. Stephen Charles(who designed the building), Prince Bassey,Chris Okon, Mrs Gift Charles Ememobong, Mmenyene Archibong,Ndifreke Inwang, Abasikpongke, Otobong Umoh, Akan Dickson, Uko Brown and a host of others. To them and everyone who contributed to the project, we thank them and ask for God’s blessings upon them.

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My friend and brother, Prince Sampson Idiong, graciously agreed to undertake the tape cutting and handover of the building to the beneficiaries(whom he blessed with a cash donation). I’m indeed grateful to him and all who accompanied us there yesterday.

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As I end, please help me thank and celebrate the selfless, affable, friendly and amiable Chinonyerem Ini Ememobong for the indescribable support she has ceaselessly offered to me and the causes I have identified with, even at a great cost to her comfort and convenience. She has mastered the art of giving not because of abundance, but because of the compelling need to help another . I’m deeply grateful to her.

To God be all the glory.

Source: Ini Ememobong

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