National Sports Festival May Still Hold This Year, But…

It’s not been a particularly smooth sailing year for people of the world after it emerged that a virus named corona had broken barriers to do a hachet job of killing humans.

From China where the journey started to America, Europe, Asia and Africa, the effects of the pandemic on lives which forced a lockdown by countries have been devastating especially in the advanced economies where their governments and medical scientists have also responded in equal measures to mitigate the pains on their citizens and foreigners alike as well as finding a cure for the disease.

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So far so good in their efforts but not so encouraging to developing economies such as Nigeria where her government is seemingly confused about getting on with life again.

Schools have remained shut with conflicting reports over resumption date.
Only students writing their senior and junior certificate examinations are the ones going to school.

Religious worship centres have also been given the greenlight to gather together again for their business but strictly on Covid-19 protocols.

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And just some days back, the federal government gave its blessings for football and team sports to get off the ground again behind closed doors in line with Covid-19 guidelines; suggesting that there might yet be hope for the much awaited National Sports Festival to hold this year in the city of Benin, the Edo state capital as earlier planned.

Also giving his thoughts on the sports feast, Chief Tonobok Okowa, the Executive Chairman, Delta State Sports Commission, says it is hinged on covid-19 enthusing that the chances of the sporting extravaganza coming up this year we’re being made a lot easier because of the reduction in new index cases of the virus.

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Chief Okowa spoke while playing host to the executive committee members of the inchoate Track and Field Athletes Union of Nigeria(TAFAUN) who were on a courtesy visit to appreciate his contributions to sports in the country.

According to him, for the federal government to have opened the gates of stadia for sporting activities to get going again though behind closed doors was a good way to start.

He said it was an indication of a return to normalcy in the sporting arena eventhough covid-19 protocols will be strictly adhered to by athletes and officials.

By Oluchy Agbagwu

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